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Poly tarps vs. PVC tarps- which ones are better?

Before understanding, which is a better tarp, it is vital to understand what exactly is a tarpaulin or a tarp, in short. It is the name given to a large sheet of waterproof and flexible material, usually found in the form of cloth such as canvas, commonly coated with urethane. Available in different sizes, it […]

Tarps for Roofing and Construction Work

Tarps for Roofing and Construction Work

You may not be completely knowledgeable about the tarps necessary for protecting homes, but there are highly chances you will be aware about their relevance in the roofing and construction industry. The companies that deal with roof structure tarping and construction tarping services do not only just provide the best roofing services for homes or […]

Tarps are worth the weight – know why?

Image of Industrial Tarps at Flynn Tarp Hire HQ

The water-resistant and multipurpose tarpaulin sheet comes in many forms and thicknesses, yet the most commonly used and recommended form is the heavy-duty tarp. These tarps are heavier in weight than other types of tarps and have a larger count of deniers and a more efficient mesh binding system. With a heavier weight, you might […]

Are You An Owner Builder? Here’s Why You Should Choose The Right Tarp

Choosing quality tarps over your building is a very essential thing for Owner Builders. This is a fact that many have overlooked. Many opt to go for the low quality because it is cheaper. The low-quality tarps have no life which ends up messing up with all that you invested heavily in and your work […]

Why Flynn Tarps Is Australia’s Leading Tarp Hire Services In 2019

Image of Flynn Tarp Hire

Are you looking for the best tarp hire company in Australia? If yes then look no further than Flynn Tarps. Flynn Tarps is Australia’s largest and leading tarpaulin hire service. The tarpaulin business in Australia is saturated by many companies that offer tarp hire service to business owners and homeowners. To be the best tarp […]

Test Your Home For Asbestos? Here Are Signs Why You Probably Should

Image of an on going asbestos removal.

Asbestos refers to a naturally occurring mineral that contains tightly packed, flame retardant fibers. Thanks to its tensile strength, it was once used in making roof shingles, floor tiles, and insulation around ducts, pipes, and fireplaces. Unfortunately, it was discovered that asbestos poses a serious health risk to home occupants when its fibers are disturbed […]

How The Tarps You Hire Today Came To Be

Heavy Duty Tarp

A tarp refers to a sheet of flexible, strong, and water resistant material like cloth or PVC that is used to protect or store items. Cloth materials like polyester or canvas are treated using urethane to form tarpaulins. An inexpensive variation of tarpaulins is called poly tarp, which is made of woven polypropylene. Tarps have […]

Robo Builders: What You Should Know About Construction Exoskeleton

Construction Exoskeleton

Working in construction areas can be strenuous on your body in the long run. Tasks that involve heavy lifting can have an impact on your health and even affect your productivity. But thanks to fast advancing technology, we now have construction exoskeleton. Exoskeletons may not give you the same strength as the famous suit in […]

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