Hire Tarp for Storm Damages.


For those living in areas prone to frequent rains, storms or cyclones, protecting your home against the fury of these natural elements, Flynn Tarp Hire is always there in a few hours following your phone call.

For those, whose homes are damaged by the storm, it is recommended you first contact your insurance company who will help you in estimating and conducting repairs to the damaged house. Then call Flynn Tarp Hire to protect your home from further damage.

Insurance Repairs

Insurance Repairs

We have alliances with several authorised repairers and provide tarpaulins as per their requirement so they can rebuild the homes safely. We offer the following advantages:

  • You can get access to our tarps 24 x 7
  • Quick, reliable and efficient service
  • Top grade P.V.C tarps, free of holes or rips
  • Over 600 tarpaulins in various sizes to meet different size requirements


Our tarps are of high quality and builders can take advantage of these all-purpose and all-weather coverings to meet their ‘wrapping needs.’
Our tarps are of high grade PVC that helps to keep water out, protecting your construction materials and site, whether you are building or renovating.

Hiring a tarp makes business sense for you as you can save on your capital. We promise to meet the highest quality standards to match your reputation and ours. Call us today!

Tarp Hire for Builder