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Tips to Maintain Your Tarps in the Best Way

The lifespan of a builders tarp depends on its use and maintenance. If you want to maintain its quality over time and use it on multiple events, some maintenance and storage tips will come in handy.

Techniques for maintaining a builder’s tarpaulin

First, start by identifying how the tarpaulin was packaged during its initial delivery. You mustunpack it carefully and keep the packaging that came with it. At the end of each use, it is advisable to reuse the packaging technique by wrapping it around the cardboard tube and respecting, if possible, the direction of assembly or preparation.

If your tarp has sleeves at the top and bottom, you should roll it up and down, so you don’t bend the sleeves. Then you can protect it using bubble wrap or similar material, and store it flat.

Also, if you notice dirt on your builder’s tarpaulin over time, you can simply clean these stains with a damp cloth. It is recommended not to use chemicals for cleaning a builder’s tarpaulin, as this may damage and deteriorate the inks printed on it.

If the use of aggressive products is instead not recommended, cleaning the structure in soapy water with a soft sponge is then much more suitable. Rinse it with clean water, and dry it with a microfiber cloth. If this is not enough to tackle the most stubborn stains, then it is possible to use a solvent, such as white spirit, and alcohol, while being careful not to stain the canvas or
the tarpaulin.

Other ways to clean a builder’s tarp

Outdoor streamers are often exposed to the elements and, therefore, can be prone to moss and mold that can appear on the canvas. To avoid them and stop their development, it is advisable to clean your tarpaulin with clear water and to rub it gently with a cloth or a soft brush depending on the material of the tarpaulin.

Close its roll-ups when not in use

This is both the easiest and the best way to protect media and visuals from optimizing their long-term preservation. In particular, this prevents light and the sun from degrading the visuals.

Do not use household products, detergents, black soap, white vinegar, or bleach to maintain your tarp. This will have disastrous consequences on your communication medium. Indeed, during their production, builders tarps undergo unique treatments giving them impermeable, rot-proof, and regularly flame-retardant properties. UV rays and bad weather gradually alter these treatments. Therefore, proper maintenance will significantly optimize the lifespan of your builder’s cover. Note that there are different waterproofing and compatible products for each type of builder’s tarpaulin.

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