Builders Floor Sheet

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Things to Know About Builders Floor Sheet

An important addition to the techniques used by builders in general construction of building especially while working on its second story includes the evolution of Builders Floor Sheet. These sheets have proved their importance by minimising the risk of damage, to the ceiling and other parts of a property under the area the work is going on, caused by water. They also protect the floors laid newly from the damages caused during the activities like roofing, fitting and framing.

An image of a Builder's Floor Sheet
Builder’s Floor Sheet

While using these floor sheets at your construction site you must keep in mind that they are not tarpaulins. They can be made to the size and shape specifically required by the builder with the help of double welded watertight membrane. These sheets are used larger than the actual size of the floor so that it can be folded and battened down at the edges to provide a waterproof cap to the floor.

If you want to use these sheets to protect partially completed floors or partially striped structure of a roof then they are not made for this purpose as the rate of their accidental damage can be much higher at such surfaces. In fact, Builders Floor Sheets should not exist on the site of construction of a building unless its new floors have been nailed, punched, fixed and swept out or its roof have been removed completely.

You should use heavy-duty standard tarpaulins for the protection of your floors by that time. These heavy duty tarpaulins can either be manufactured or hired as per specifications for this purpose. Tarpaulins are available for hire as and when required at short notice, we have many sizes, please see our tarp hire page.

Builders Floor Sheet Material

On the basis of our experience of over twenty years in this trade we have observed that to get the best performance from Builders Floor Sheets they must be made of coated or woven poly-fabric weighing 250 gm per sq m. These materials are considered the best for double welded sheets as they provide them optimum strength on seam and the coating of over 50 microns provide maximum resistance from abrasion.

But while buying these Builder Floor Sheets you should be cautious of the grade of their fabric irrespective of the state of their manufacturing. If the fabric is of lighter grade then it may not face the challenges as they may not have coating or physical thickness