Super Heavy Duty Tarps

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Discount Tarps by Flynn Tarp Sales


Super Heavy Duty Tarps are well-designed tarps that include UV laminate to help reduce degradation from prolonged sun exposure. The tarps are designed to include eyelets that are 1 metre apart with eyelets coming with a rope that you can use to reinforce hemmed edges. They are all-purpose covers that are available in the market in the colour of your choice.

The heavy duty tarps are designed to last and will not easily break or show signs of wear and tear after a short period. They are designed to give you all protection that you need for all kind of weather and for a long period of time. The tarps are made of 12 mil thick polyethylene with 14 x 14 mesh count. This material can stand even the harshest weather condition. Whether you are using it in hot and dry or cold and wet conditions, the heavy duty poly tarp is constructed to handle any climatic conditions that the Mother Nature may avail.

Super Heavy Duty Tarps can withstand long-term sun exposure as it is made from quality UV resistant material. They are also designed to last year-round and work well under all kinds of conditions. They are mildew resistant, waterproof and super tear resistant. Its edges can be reinforced with rope as each corner includes sturdy corner guard, which help to ensure that the fabrics do not have fray along the sides and the fabric will always remain strong.

The heavy duty waterproof tarps are available in different sizes ranging from as small as 4m x 8m  to as large as 9m x 12m. Finished tarps are always smaller than cut tarps by about six cm. They are available in different colours, and you will choose the best tarp depending on your needs such as:

– Covering boats or trailers during transportation

– Covering vehicle for long term use

– Covering sheds, tents or other outdoor structure

– Covering yard furniture as well as other outdoor features during winter

– Protecting wood pile, among other uses.

Having a quality tarp offers numerous benefits as it helps you to keep your items safe for a longer time, which make it cheaper in the long run. The Super Heavy Duty Tarps are truly designed to last, and with these type of tarps, you don’t have to worry about buying new taps every year as they tap will last and don’t show any signs of wear and tear over a short time.