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Ways to Cover a Roof with Tarpaulin

The tarp works great in protecting the roof against any possible risk of damage from the
weather conditions. Besides, even when there is a leaky roof, you can use the builder’s tarp
to protect it until a replacement or repair is done. The guide will explain how to use the tarp
on the roof.
1. An essential thing you need to do is fully examine the extent of damage that has
happened after the storm. Make sure that you avoid using a tarp during the storm, as it can
be quite unsafe. You need to have the proper equipment and take safety measures to
ensure it is placed well on the roof and there is no risk.
2. Make sure you measure the damaged area and calculate the possible amount or
length of the roof that will require covering. The tarp must be able to cover all the damaged
area and overhang from the peak of the roof.
3. The next step will help ensure that your roof tarp is properly positioned on the roof.
The tarp must be properly weighted down and secured so that it won’t come to lose during
the storm conditions. The easiest way is to make use of sandbags, as it will help keep the
tarp from blowing away.
While for a more secure and long-lasting solution, you can create an anchor board. For this,
you have to roll a 2×4 inch board into the peak end of the tarp. Now you need to nail the
tarp to the board.
4. In the final step, you need to secure the builder's tarp properly to avoid any flapping
debris or water seepage inside the property. For this, make use of a screw gun through the
tarp-rolled boards.
When your property is damaged after the storm, then using the builder’s tarp to protect it
from further damage is highly advised. To make a purchase of good quality tarp, you can
consider Tarphire.
We have got a range of options that will be perfect for your requirement. With us, you have
an option to make a purchase at an affordable rate and get good-quality tarps.

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