Flynn Tarp Hire Melbourne - Best Tarp Hire Rates For Melbourne

Flynn Tarp Hire Melbourne

When you are hiring tarps, it is important you get the size right. If it is too small, you will have to spend more money to hire another tarp to meet your requirement. On the other hand, a tarp that is too big is waste of money. That is why Flynn Tarp Hire Melbourne brings a wide range of sizes to meet all kinds of requirements.

  • Minimum charge of 7 Days.A Daily rate is charged for every day after.
  • You will only pay the minimum charge of 7 days at check out
  • If hire days exceed 7 days, balance will be charged at end of job
  • Prices exclude GST
3m x 10m
$6.05 / day
Weight: 18 kg
Area: 30 m2
4m x 8m
$6.05 / day
Weight: 19 kg
Area: 32 m2
6m x 6m
$6.91 / day
Weight: 25 kg
Area: 36 m2
7m x 7m
$8.64 / day
Weight: 30 kg
Area: 49 m2
5m x 10m
$8.64 / day
Weight: 30 kg
Area: 50 m2
6m x 9m
$9.51 / day
Weight: 30 kg
Area: 54 m2
7m x 9m
$10.37 / day
Weight: 39 kg
Area: 63 m2
7m x 11m
$12.96 / day
Weight: 57 kg
Area: 77 m2
9m x 9m
$12.96 / day
Weight: 57 kg
Area: 81 m2
9m x 12m
$17.30 / day
Weight: 80 kg
Area: 100 m2
  • Prices are exclusive of GST
  • All tarps have eyelets and ropes at every 1m
  • The tarps made from heavy-duty PVC of 680gsm
  • The tarps are carefully checked and repaired before each hire
  • A $27 delivery and pickup fee is levied for each trip.

You will not find more reasonable prices for Flynn Tarp Hire Melbourne. Call us today at 1300 133 844 and book the size you require and save money!

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