Poly tarps are a great option when it comes to protecting and storing things at home. They are suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. A typical poly tarp is tear-proof and mildew resistant, which means you can use or store it for the longest time without ever feeling disappointed. These qualities make […]

With their applicability that spreads wide over, tarps have been proved to be versatile and typical all-rounder. They keep the dust and debris away, can be taken anywhere and everywhere and during renovation, can be used to cover your favourite painting or your beloved furniture set. Their applicability extends more to storage and protection needs. […]

Tarpaulins serve a tiny yet an essential need. An offspring of Polyvinyl Chloride as they come, genetics of PVC have transferred rightfully in to them. Not taking a biology turn, but yes, tarps are all-rounders and are blessed with features like durability, feasibility and options just like PVC. While buying or purchasing tarps, you have […]