Robo Builders: What You Should Know About Construction Exoskeleton

Robo Builders: What You Should Know About Construction Exoskeleton

Construction Exoskeleton

Working in construction areas can be strenuous on your body in the long run. Tasks that involve heavy lifting can have an impact on your health and even affect your productivity. But thanks to fast advancing technology, we now have construction exoskeleton. Exoskeletons may not give you the same strength as the famous suit in Iron Man movie. But the truth is that it is revolutionizing construction industries all over the world. Construction exoskeletons can reduce some of the strain of manual labor.

Before we look at how this emerging technology can help builders, let us first understand what it is.  As the name suggests, construction exoskeletons are robotic suits that resemble your internal skeletal structure. These wearable suits have motorized muscles that increase the user’s strength. As a result, the robotic suit makes heavy objects feel lighter or even weightless. Exoskeleton suits can be powered by human motion or electricity, and are used to improve the wearer’s movement and efficiency.

The construction industry in Australia is labor intensive and physically demanding. It is also characterized by manual handling of heavy material and abnormal postures for long hours. This can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders that lead to construction workers’ injury.  Heavy lifting of materials at construction sites can lead to back, shoulder, and joint injuries among other injuries. That is where construction exoskeleton comes in handy. These robotic suits can reduce the risk of injury associated with heavy lifting since it does all the work for you.

There are many ways that builders can benefit from wearing exoskeletons at construction sites.

  • Exoskeletons help reduce builder fatigue that arises from doing physically demanding tasks.
  • Exoskeletons help decrease construction site accidents as builders have less fatigue and stress. When factories experience less injury due to reduced fatigue and stress, it can lead to an increase in work productivity. The result is that workers wearing exoskeletons will complete tasks faster and with top-notch results.
  • Exoskeletons help improve workplace productivity by helping builders work for longer and complete tasks quickly.
  • Builders are healthier and gains improved stamina.
  • Builders now work without the weight and power through without the pain.

Ekso Bionics is a leading exoskeleton manufacturer. A particular product called is a light weigh, non-electronic upper body exoskeleton that assists a worker’s arm during strenuous work, it allows one to have extended and free range of motion. Watch  ZACH HAAS, BUILTWORLDS ONE, “SAFE INSIGHT” VIDEO below

Analysts believe that exoskeletons can help shape the future of the construction in Australia as they predict there will be more demand for construction exoskeletons. Companies are no doubt will want to benefit from this emerging technology can look into companies like Ekso Bionics. It’s about time we improve how we take care of the people front lining the construction industry.

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