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How The Tarps You Hire Today Came To Be

Heavy Duty Tarp

A tarp refers to a sheet of flexible, strong, and water resistant material like cloth or PVC that is used to protect or store items. Cloth materials like polyester or canvas are treated using urethane to form tarpaulins. An inexpensive variation of tarpaulins is called poly tarp, which is made of woven polypropylene. Tarps have been used for centuries not just in Australia but many countries all over the world. The history of tarps back dates to the 14th Century when it was first used to protect sailors across the sea. Tarps initially referred to as tarpaulin, which is derived from the words tar (meaning tarred canvas) and pall (referring to stiffened sheet or cloth used to cover cargo or loads). However, in Australia, heavy duty tarpaulin was commonly known as hootch.

From 16th Century up to 19th Century, tarps moved inland where it was used to protect transported cargo. Thanks to its resilient properties such as being waterproof and tear resistant, tarps were preferred for shelter. The use of tarps experienced major changes during the 19th Century up to date. During this period, tarps were made from materials like polyester, rubber, and plastics. Historically, tarpaulins have been used in stadiums to cover seats. Today, tarps are used for a variety of uses, including shelter from elements such as sunlight, wind, or rain, and to protect buildings from paint damage or destruction. Over the years, tarpaulin use has been popular in Australia. This is attributed to the many benefits they offer such as being weather resistant, weatherproof, and UV protection.

Water resistant tarpaulins have been used for its strength to cover commodities such as food products. Its water resistant properties have helped keep food products dry while on transit. On the other hand, custom tarps have been used for camping and trekking. In addition, poly tarpaulins have been used as a form of shelter during natural disasters. Tarps are also used for trucks to make it safe and easier to carry loads in pickups and other trucks. A good tarp normally has straps and hooks for securing the tarpaulin onto the truck.

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