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Roof Repair Guide 2018

A roof is a precious investment to any homeowner as it not only protects the home from rain, snow and sun but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. So, if your roof shingles are visibly worn out, curled, cracked or iron roofing rusty or is experiencing multiple leaks, you need to fix it as quickly as you can. That way, you can prevent further damage and/or make it more appealing to
potential buyers.

So, here are practical tips on how to go about roof repair in 2018:

Replacing Worn Out or Damaged Roof

Regardless of the kind of roof you are dealing with, you need to ensure all the visibly damaged parts of the roof are removed and
replaced accordingly. If you are replacing worn out shingles or iron sheets, don’t under-drive, over-drive or push in the nails in an angled manner as that can be a recipe of leakages or blow-offs during bad weather. Also remember, choosing the right nail type
and size is also key in determining how long the repairs will last.

Fixing Roof Vents and Plumbing Vent Boots

If the rubber boot that surrounds the roof’s vent pipe is torn or rotten, thereby causing leakages, you need to replace it completely. And should you find out the nails on the base are missing or pulled free, be sure to replace them with rubber-washed screws.

On the other hand, if your plastic roof vents have cracked housing or metal ones invaded with broken seems, it is best that you replace all of them immediately. Don’t be tempted to caulk them as that might not last long. Again, if there are any missing or pulled nails, high quality rubber-washed screws would be the best replacement for them.

Why Covering a Massively Damaged Roof With a Tarp during Repair Is Important

Repairing a thoroughly damaged roof from a storm can be downright demanding and costly. You may experience missing shingles, dented shingles & roofing soffit, massive shingle indentations and more. But to work out the repairs quite conveniently and effortlessly, you need to get a heavy-duty tarp to cover the damaged part.

A high-quality tarp will protect your roof from further damage and by extension, your precious items in the house. That way, you can repair section after section of the roof at your own pace, using minimal resources as possible.

Be Sure To Plan Ahead and Get the Right Materials before Doing Roof Repair

Before getting down to roof repair, it’s important that you list down all the tools, materials and workforce, if any, needed to complete the job. You wouldn’t probably want to rush to the hardware store every now and then to get more shingles, tools or other materials while the roof repair is going on.

Planning ahead also means you’ll budget properly and spend less on the repair project. And at the end of the repairs you’ll be both happy and satisfied by how you handled the whole thing.

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