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The Versatility of Poly Tarps

A poly tarp is perfect for a lot of applications.In the tarp industry, many different materials can be used to create tarpaulins. These include canvas, vinyl, PVC, and polyethylene. Of these materials, polyethylene is one of the most versatile on the market. There are many reasons that a polyethylene tarp is considered all purpose for coverage. These are particularly durable, and they are often treated with chemicals that make them fire retardant and UV resistant. With this guide, you can learn more about the characteristics of poly tarps as well as their benefit and applications.

Characteristics of Poly Tarps
These tarps are made with polyethylene, an extremely durable and strong material. The way a polyethylene tarp is constructed is by weaving multiple layers of mesh fabric together and then coating that fabric with sheets of polyethylene. These are categorized by the mesh count of the fabric and by mil, or thickness. While regular duty poly tarps have a rating of 6 mil, a heavy duty polyethylene will be rated between 12 mil and 23 mil.

Furthermore, a polyethylene tarp will come with grommets to reinforce the hems and enable easy installation of the tarp. These covers also contain extra reinforcements, which include a plastic covering in a triangle shape to keep the grommets from damaging the fabric and a perimeter rope that is added along with the grommets. This rope is folded and laminated, which creates the hem of the polyethylene tarp.

Benefits of Poly Tarps
Using a polyethylene covers is helpful if you have a multi-purpose application because they are extremely versatile and adaptable to multiple uses. These are also especially strong, durable, and resistant to damage such as tears, punctures, and abrasion. Also, poly tarps are economically priced. You can also easily find a polyethylene tarp that is resistant to flames, UV rays, water, rot, and mildew. Finally, poly tarps are excellent for temperature control because they do not succumb to the negative effects that cold temperatures can bring to other materials.

Applications for a Poly Tarp
Because these tarps are so versatile, they can be used for a wide range of applications. It is common to use a polyethylene tarp to cover buildings, roofs, trucks, lumber, hay, athletic fields, boats, and gym floors. These are also often used to provide shade, protect against severe weather such as hurricanes, and for fire resistant protection. The superior material of poly tarps offers optimum weather protection and long lasting strength.

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